Medical Marketing For the Modern Clinic

Monthly plans include custom website design, SEO, Facebook marketing, professional writing and expert service.

You got into business to serve, 

not to market…

We’ll do that for you and leave you to

what you wanted to in the first place… 

Helping others…

More Time with Your Patients

Are you in need of patients? Want to be the go to clinic in your area? We’ve created marketing solutions to reach your ideal clients regularly.

Our 5 Factors of Digital Marketing Success is proven to deliver new patient results. If it grows your chiropractic practice online, then our team of 50+ digital marketing professionals has the expertise.

Our medical marketing services are perfect if you have a practice with associates or multiple locations— or want one.

Trusted by Hundreds of Medical Practices Worldwide

Doctors rely on us to generate more new patients.

 We have 3 decades of experience in marketing and we strive to build 

relationships with medical practices that are looking to scale and impact more clients.

We know why you studied medical to begin with… 

we’d like to see you do it.

What Are The Keys to 

Scaling a Medical Practice?

After generating hundreds of thousands of leads for businesses across the us… 

We’ve sifted through the data and found the key things your business needs to scale.


It comes down to 3 things… 

A Foundation, Traffic and Scalability.



A beautifully designed website is crucial to earning the trust of your ideal client... Your web presence is a direct representation of your business. By increasing your visibility and the quality of the representation you'll stand out from the crowd.


Once your business is represented online exactly the way it should be to represent it professionally and attract your ideal client. We use paid ads and optimizations to the foundation to attract your ideal client. Building your customer base and long term value into your business.

**If you need business immediately this is your fastest route to customers


Now that we have your business building, we look to optimize your time and offload touch points that will drive and maximize revenue within the practice and Fits America platform

Meet Jessica,
Your Newest Marketing Manager...

When you partner with us, we use all of our resources to enhance your practice… Not only do we use our unique skillset to capture who you are as a doctor online, we help you build relationships with your customers. 

Our team is there to help guide you on all marketing practices and implement them with precision and skill. 

Which Plan Is Right For You?

Choose the chiropractic digital marketing plan that matches your new patient goals.

  • essential
    Perfect for referral-based practices that want a professional online presence.LEARN MORE
  • premium
    Premium POPULAR
    Perfect for practices that want to get new patients through digital marketing.LEARN MORE
  • enterprise
    Perfect for multi-location practices needing a robust digital marketing strategy.LEARN MORE


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