Our Story

Health Marketing that Keeps your Business As Health As Your Patients

Medical Marketing to Ethically Build and Scale Your Practice

Our digital marketing agency’s goal is to create engagement, increase conversions, and build your business using the latest digital marketing strategy and tactics.

Our approach delivers modern and effective growth strategies for businesses of all

Health Media Group is in the business of execution. We partner with our clients to strategize,
design, implement and acquire customers using tactics that work.

In a world full of “Social Media Management Agencies,” there is a need for a team to not only talk about the right way to implement digital marketing tactics but to also jump with clients, we are that team.

We are as committed to your results as you are.

How It All Started

With Almost 40 years of combined experience, Scot and Travis partnered with the intention of not only servicing medical practices but redefining the way that medical marketing is done… As doctors, you sign a Hippocratic oath, you promise to do no harm. Marketing agencies aren’t forced to do the same, so our field is dominated with fakes, frauds, and partial solutions that, at their best, get you by…

We saw the need to not only bring new customers to clinics but redefine the way that patients see medical marketing. There’s room in the world for marketing to feel warm, comforting and more like a “welcome home” than a used car lot.

Over the last few years, Travis and I have refined our marketing strategies to reflect what a patient needs to buy.

Perfect Patients Today

Trust: We earn your client’s trust by speaking to them as if we’ve witnessed their every move. Like the friend that tells them more about themselves than they actually know… We use the language they would and show them that we understand and see their predicament… Time, money, trust, accurate knowledge, they’re all factors that make it hard to decide who to seek for help.

We make you the obvious solution by articulating their problems better than they could in the language they use. Once we’ve earned their trust we use education to empower them and allow them to make an informed decision surrounding their care.