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“After several unsuccessful attempts at working with other artists to create my logo and website, Scot was a breath of fresh air. He really worked hard at trying to understand ME and what the essence of my work was. He asked lots of questions that got to the heart of the matter. None of the other artists had asked me many questions. Together, we have created a beautiful logo and a website that truly reflects me and the beauty of the medicine that I offer. Scot is professional and intuitive. He is a master at his work and knows how to bring out what’s inside and transmit it to a tangible on the computer screen. That’s a skill in this day in age! Thank you, Scot.”

Amy H.

Colorado Five-Element Acupuncture

The Perfect Path to
Get & Keep More New Patients

Establish Your

It’s important to distinguish yourself among the rest… What’s the best way to stand out from the crowd? Besides your superior care and service, the Fits America platform and the capabilities is allows you… Capturing the nature of your clinic and creating an accurate representation of your business online in order to captivate the attention of your ideal client. We all know people are in pain, it’s about earning their trust and proving to them why you’re the one. This is where foundation comes in.


Build The Practice You've Dreamed Of

Once your business is represented online exactly the way it should be to represent it professionally and attract your ideal client. We use paid ads and optimizations to the foundation to attract your ideal client. Building your customer base and long term value into your business.

**If you need business immediately this is your fastest route to customers


Expand Your Reach, Be The Go-To Dr. in Town

One of the reasons you’ve probably invested in the Fits America platform is to save time and increase the capabilities, and most importantly, the bottom line of your business. We partnered with Fits because of their love of scalability… We help you scale and expand by automating client touch points that save time, increase customer retention and improve customer service.


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Scaling Your Practice?

Capture your essence and build the foundation for your dream practice

Build the kind of practice that allows you to serve your ideal client and not get bogged down in the minutia of marketing and admin work

Expand your reach and become the GO-TO doctor in your area


I agree to receive relevant and occasional updates.

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